Cold Laser Therapy

If you’ve been living in chronic pain that nothing seems to help, the problem might be deeper in the soft tissues than you know. Dr. Tod Ichishita offers cold laser therapy at Big Island Chiropractic in Kailua Kona, HI, to bring relief.

Quick Guide to Cold Laser Therapy

While pain and injuries in the soft tissues can often be reached and treated through techniques such as massage therapy, they sometimes lie deep below the surface. And when they do, more traditional techniques aren’t always able to reach it. Learn below how injuries develop so deeply, how those injuries can impact your daily life, and why Dr. Ichishita and the team at Big Island Chiropractic in Kailua Kona, HI, offer cold laser therapy to help.

Deep Tissue Injuries

Injuries can develop in the deep tissues for several reasons, but two common ones tend to be repetitive stress on the area and old injuries. When you consistently carry out the same actions, such as practicing poor posture or lifting heavy items, many of your tissues are activated. However, if you some common stretches or receive a traditional massage, you are usually only relieving the tension close to the surface.

When an old, unhealed injury is present, the damaged area often develops trigger points, scar tissue, and adhesions. The factor that both of these events have in common is that they have not adequately healed. This typically leads to a build-up of tension and other issues, while impeding the necessary blood flow for the area.

Symptoms of Deep Tissue Injuries

People suffer every day from deep tissue injuries. Often, trigger points develop. These are tender knots that can trigger sharp pains and restrict range of motion. They can also press against nerves and other surrounding tissues, leading to numbness, tingling, and more. Headaches, chronic neck pain, chronic back pain, and extremity pain are also common symptoms.

The Role of Cold Laser Treatments

Cold laser technology utilizes the power of low levels of laser energy to penetrate several inches of soft tissue. It is aimed at the injured site, where the cells absorb the energy and stimulate a natural chemical reaction. This reaction increases blood flow to the area, causes damaged tissue to regenerate, breaks up trigger points and adhesions, relieves pain, and improves range of motion.

Learn more and experience cold laser therapy for yourself by visiting Dr. Ichishita and the team at Big Island Chiropractic in Kailua Kona, HI. You can schedule an appointment by calling (808) 327-9845 today.


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