Back Pain Treatments

Back pain can be caused by a number of problems and should be assessed by a chiropractor in order to receive helpful back pain treatments. At Big Island Chiropractic in Kailua Kona, HI, Dr. Tod Ichishita works with patients to address back pain, headaches, shoulder pain, hip pain, or mobility issues. If you are looking to learn more about chiropractic care in Kailua Kona, Big Island Chiropractic is ready to meet with you. Even if you are seeing other providers for back pain treatment, chiropractic care can be used as complementary therapy. When you want natural pain relief that does not rely on prescription medication, a chiropractor provides you with options.

Types of Back Pain Treatments

Your treatment for back pain may consist of chiropractic adjustments to align your spine, myofascial release, ultrasound, or cold laser therapy. You may be taught stretching and strengthening exercises to do at home in between sessions. An inversion table can be used to ease tension in your spine, helping to provide decompression therapy. Your treatment plan is devised specifically to meet your needs, and will help you heal from any issues that are causing you back pain.

Causes of Back Pain

An injury to your back in an auto accident, slip and fall at work, or while playing sports can lead to back pain. Poor posture can cause pain in your neck, shoulders, and back. Degenerative disc disease may be leading to back pain and can be treated with decompression techniques. The cause of your back pain can be several problems at once, and it is important to go through a careful evaluation before treatment begins.

What to Expect In Chiropractic Care

Once your evaluation is over, back pain treatments can start. You will work with the chiropractor a few times a week in the early phase of treatment. Chiropractic adjustments are common, and you may find immediate pain relief after your first adjustment. As you progress in treatment, you should feel better for longer periods of time in between sessions. After a few weeks of consistent therapy, you can begin to taper down your care to once a week or so.

Schedule Your Back Pain Treatments Today

Discover the benefits of chiropractic care for back pain by calling Big Island Chiropractic in Kailua Kona, HI at 808-327-9845. Set up your first appointment with Dr. Ichishita, and get started on a path to recovery. If you are struggling with mobility, have pain, or you want to enhance your sports performance, chiropractic care is an excellent therapy to try.


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